Journey to Joy: Alberto Perez’s Inspiring Surrogacy Story

This interview with Alberto Perez was conducted in December 2022. Since then, there have been some wonderful developments in Alberto’s life. He and his husband, Jesus, have welcomed their second child through surrogacy, and their baby is now a joyful one-year-old. As we revisit Alberto’s surrogacy story, it’s heart-warming to see his family continue to grow!

Alberto Perez is a father whose surrogacy story is a of hope and joy for many. Perla Piekutowski, our Director of Growth and Engagement, sat down with Alberto to discuss his experiences with surrogacy and egg donation.

Alberto, a doting father to his two-year-old daughter Olivia, is currently on the cusp of welcoming his second child through surrogacy. His journey, marked by anticipation and transformative life changes, is not just about expanding his family but also about the profound relationships and emotional milestones along the way.

Alberto’s story is not just his own but also a shared narrative of the many who walk through Fairfax Surrogacy’s doors, looking to hold the future in their arms.

A vision of future family

Alberto’s surrogacy journey began long before he and his husband, Jesus, took their first steps toward becoming parents. With a deep-seated desire to have children of their own, the couple had always placed family at the core of their lives. From their very first date, they shared dreams of fatherhood, a dream that, for a gay couple, presented unique challenges.

Initially, Alberto and Jesus considered adoption, but they encountered obstacles and uncertainties that made the path seem daunting and without guarantees. Despite these hurdles, they remain on the adoption waitlist, hopeful that one day they might expand their family through this means as well.

However, it was the discovery of surrogacy that truly resonated with them. Alberto speaks of falling in love with the process—the transparency and the step-by-step involvement that surrogacy offered provided a sense of control and understanding that was deeply reassuring. He highlights the importance of knowing exactly where they stood at each stage, which allowed them to “breathe a little bit more,” a sentiment that many intended parents can surely relate to.

As they continue to wait for news on the adoption front, a wait that has stretched nearly five years, Alberto and Jesus’s story is a poignant reminder of the patience and perseverance that the path to parenthood often requires. Their experience brings to light the many shapes that families can take and the various routes that can lead to the fulfillment of parental dreams.

Choosing a surrogate

Choosing a surrogate is a pivotal moment in the surrogacy journey, one that Alberto Perez and his husband Jesus approached with both their hearts and minds. For them, it wasn’t just about finding a surrogate; it was about finding the right person who would become an integral part of their family’s story.

Alberto shared with Perla the key attributes they sought in a surrogate. They needed someone who resided in a state that allowed both partners to be listed on the birth certificate, reflecting their equal status as parents from the very start. Even more importantly, they sought a surrogate who aligned with their values and decisions, especially regarding the difficult choices that might arise if complications occurred during the pregnancy. This alignment was crucial, as it ensured that their surrogate would be part of the team, respecting their wishes and the immense trust placed in her.

Upon reviewing profiles, one particular surrogate stood out immediately. Her profile resonated so strongly with Alberto and Jesus that they felt compelled to meet her. The connection was instant; after a video call, they knew she was ‘the one’—their ‘wonder woman.’ This instant connection blossomed into a long-lasting relationship, with their surrogate becoming an essential part of their extended family.

It’s this human connection that stands out in Alberto’s recount of his journey. Elisabeth, their surrogate, is not just a means to an end for Alberto and Jesus. She is the embodiment of their hopes, a person who is making their most cherished dream a reality. Alberto’s reverence for Elisabeth underscores the deep connection that can develop between intended parents and surrogates—a bond that transcends the transactional nature of the arrangement.

The journey begins

Alberto Perez’s surrogacy journey, like many others, is a tale of timelines, expectations, and the unforeseen turns that life can take. When asked about the duration from matching with their surrogate to the embryo transfer, Alberto reflected on a process that was surprisingly swift, defying their initial expectations.

Before the world was gripped by the pandemic, the steps leading up to the embryo transfer moved along at a brisk pace. Alberto and Jesus completed their profile, and, within a mere two months, they received the profile of their surrogate, Elisabeth. This quick match was a stroke of good fortune, especially considering the delays many faced in the wake of COVID-19.

Once matched, the journey to embryo transfer took about four months. This period included medical clearances, navigating the legal intricacies, and preparing for the transfer itself. The couple met Elisabeth in September, and by January, they were ready for the transfer—a timeline that speaks to the efficiency and dedication of all parties involved.

Alberto’s experience underscores the importance of a supportive and efficient surrogacy agency in ensuring that intended parents and surrogates can move forward with confidence and clarity. It’s a reminder that while the path to parenthood can be fraught with uncertainty, with the right support and a bit of luck, it can also unfold more quickly and smoothly than one might dare to hope.

A family is born

The journey to parenthood is often filled with anticipation and anxiety, and for Alberto Perez and his husband Jesus, the experience was no different—except for the joyous outcome that came sooner than many might expect. The couple was overjoyed to learn that their surrogate, Elisabeth, became pregnant on the first embryo transfer, a fortunate occurrence that not all undergoing IVF experience.

The days following the transfer were long and filled with the kind of suspense that can feel almost unbearable. However, just a week after the procedure, Elisabeth sent a cryptic message asking for help with a translation. The message turned out to be a picture of a positive pregnancy test—a moment of pure elation for Alberto. He recalls stepping out into the street, unable to contain his excitement, screaming with joy, and immediately sharing the news through a video call.

The early confirmation of pregnancy set into motion a flurry of preparations. Alberto and Jesus found themselves swept up in the whirlwind of readying for their new arrival, preparing Olivia’s room, and, by their own admission, buying far more than they probably needed. It’s a familiar scene for many expectant parents—the nesting phase where every item seems essential, and the shopping list grows by the day.

Traveling during the pandemic added a layer of complexity to their preparations. Coordinating with the U.S. Embassy, they secured the necessary permissions to travel, ensuring they would be there for the birth. They arrived a month before the due date, giving them precious time to spend with Elisabeth and to strengthen the bond they had formed.

The birth itself was a whirlwind, with Elisabeth delivering the baby in a mere 30 minutes. Despite the concerns around COVID-19 restrictions, Alberto and Jesus were able to be in the delivery room, witnessing the miraculous arrival of their child—a moment that Alberto describes as indescribable, a sentiment that echoes in the hearts of all new parents.

Visions of the future

Alberto’s journey through surrogacy didn’t end with the birth of his daughter Olivia. The desire for a second child was clear and present in the hearts of Alberto and his husband, Jesus. With the experience of their first surrogacy journey behind them, they approached the second with a sense of familiarity and a newfound calm.

They had frozen embryos available, which simplified the decision to expand their family. When Olivia was about a year and a half old, they felt the time was right to begin the process once more. Remarkably, their surrogate Elisabeth was once again by their side, ready to support them in bringing another life into the world. This continuity undoubtedly contributed to the ease and tranquility of their second surrogacy experience.

Alberto admits to feeling a bit guilty for the comparative calmness of their second journey. With Olivia keeping them busy, the usual worries that accompany surrogacy seemed to take a backseat. This shift in perspective is not uncommon; many parents find themselves more relaxed with their second child, whether through surrogacy or natural birth.

As they look forward to the expected delivery in January, Alberto reflects on their experiences, concluding that he wouldn’t change a thing. Each decision, each step, and each moment, whether challenging or joyous, has led them to this point—a beautiful family soon to be four.

When asked to impart wisdom to others embarking on their surrogacy journeys, Alberto’s advice is heartfelt: surround yourself with people who are passionate about surrogacy. It’s essential to feel supported by individuals who see beyond the business aspect and are personally invested in your journey to parenthood.

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