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Your Opinion Matters

Fairfax Surrogacy is seeking the wisdom and insights of experienced gestational carriers like you.

If you’ve completed at least one surrogacy journey and have thoughts to share on the topics of compensation, support, and your overall experience, we invite you to sign up to participate in one of our upcoming focus groups.

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Welcome, Experienced Gestational Carriers!

At Fairfax Surrogacy, we deeply value the voices and experiences of gestational carriers. Your unique journey holds the key to improving the surrogacy experience for everyone involved. Here’s how your participation can make a difference:

  • Impact the Future: Your experiences can help shape better practices and support for future surrogates.
  • Connect and Share: Engage with others who’ve been surrogates and share your stories in a supportive environment.
  • Drive Change: Your feedback directly influences our approach to surrogacy, from policy adjustments to enhancing our support systems. Your voice has the power to drive meaningful change.
  • Expert Insights: Share your expertise on what works well and what can be improved. Your insights are invaluable in helping us provide the best surrogate experience.

What’s in it for me?

We understand that your time and insights are valuable, so we want to compensate you for your contribution to this important discussion.

As a token of our gratitude, participants will receive a $100 gift card for their valuable contributions.


About Our Focus Groups

Fairfax Surrogacy is an agency committed to supporting both gestational carriers and intended parents through their surrogacy journey. We believe in creating positive, fulfilling experiences for everyone involved and continuously seek ways to improve our services and support systems.

Focus Group Details

  • Where: Online via Zoom
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Group Size: 5-10 surrogates per session

Topics will include:

  • Financial aspects and compensation
  • Emotional and psychological support
  • Experiences with agencies and intended parents
  • Suggestions for improving surrogacy experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Any gestational carrier with at least one completed surrogacy journey, regardless of your agency or independent status.

What will my feedback be used for?

Your insights will guide us in refining our practices and support for surrogates, enhancing the surrogacy experience at Fairfax Surrogacy.

How will my information be handled?

All discussions will remain confidential, used solely for improving surrogacy practices. Your privacy is our priority.

Will the discussions be recorded?

Yes, for internal purposes, but with strict confidentiality to protect your privacy.


Sign Up to Share Your Journey

We’re looking for gestational carriers who are eager to share their insights and help guide the future of surrogacy.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out our brief sign-up form below.

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