Exclusive Partnership Discounts

The Fairfax Family of Companies is committed to making your journey of parenthood more accessible and affordable.

Fairfax Surrogacy and Fairfax EggBank are delighted to offer an exclusive combination pricing option for intended parents who are utilizing both Surrogacy and an Egg Donor.

Our shared vision is to simplify the path to parenthood, and with these special discounts, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions that are both cost-effective and of the highest quality.

Discounts for Surrogacy with Egg Donor

In partnership with Fairfax EggBank, we offer exclusive discounts that ensure you receive the best of both worlds:
a dedicated surrogate and high-quality donor eggs. 

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Premium Package
$2,000 Discount

2-Cohort Bundle (12-16 eggs)
$1,000 discount

Fairfax EggBank 2-Cohort Bundle available exclusively for Fairfax Surrogacy Intended Parents. Discounts provided only to clients who utilize both services. Fairfax Surrogacy and Fairfax EggBank are independent companies and will provide separate client service and billing.

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