The Financial Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate

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Being a gestational surrogate comes with many great perks, including helping families grow, going on an exciting new journey, experiencing the joys of pregnancy, and creating life again. One particular bonus of surrogacy, though, is the financial benefits. While the compensatory aspect of surrogacy should not be your main motivation in becoming a surrogate, the bottom line is that these financial perks play a role in the decision-making process.


For intended parents, surrogacy can be costly. It takes a lot of resources, including financial resources, to have a person give birth to someone else’s baby. There are tons of doctor’s appointments, check-ups, fertility treatments, prenatal visits — all of which in most cases, fall under the intended parents’ responsibility. Compensating for your time and effort are under this scope of responsibility as well; the intended parents want to make sure you are comfortable, healthy, and taken care of. That includes recompensing you for the amazing work you are doing to help them grow their family.


At Fairfax Surrogacy, compensation for surrogacy is dependent on a few different factors. Regardless, you can expect to receive a fair amount that will open up many financial opportunities for you, allowing you to place your larger life goals in closer reach. Essentially, you will be helping another family’s dreams and wishes come true, while, at the same time, giving yourself the financial resources needed to do quite possibly the same for yourself and your family.


Here are a few of the options you can consider using your financial benefits on as a result of becoming a gestational surrogate:


  • Pay off your debts (i.e., credit card, student loan, or other debts)
  • Travel with your family
  • Take time off from work to spend time with your family
  • Invest in your own business
  • Invest in you and your family’s future by opening up:
  • A safety net savings account for you or your family
  • A 529 college savings plan for your children
  • A Children’s Savings Account to set your kids up for future financial success
  • Buy a new car
  • Put a down payment on a new home


It is important to note that, while you are a gestational surrogate, you will not be expected to pay for any of your doctor’s visits or prenatal checkups, as well as any part of your hospital stay after you deliver. Depending on the agency you choose, and your gestational surrogate agreement (GSA), none of the money that you receive as part of being a gestational surrogate should go toward these costs. You also should be compensated for your time and travel throughout your surrogacy journey.


If you are considering gestational surrogacy, please reach out to us. At Fairfax Surrogacy, we have set high standards in maintaining transparency, and that includes how our surrogates are compensated. We are happy to explain the financial compensation process to you, including how much you can be paid and how you will receive that compensation. We can’t wait to hear from you!