Claire’s Surrogate Journey with Fairfax Surrogacy

Claire is a married mother of a one-year-old son. She and her wife worked with our affiliate company, Fairfax Cryobank, to build their family. Now, Claire is paying it forward by becoming a surrogate with us at Fairfax Surrogacy!

Our Surrogate Program Coordinator, Haley Hernandez, recently sat down with Claire to discuss how she decided to become a surrogate, her experience with Fairfax Surrogacy, and how she chose her intended parents.

We’re honored to be a part of her journey and delighted to share her experiences with you.

Becoming a Surrogate: An Interview with Fairfax Surrogate Claire

Haley: Claire is one of our Fairfax surrogates. Claire, today we’re just going to go over some questions and get to know you a little bit more and your journey with us at Fairfax.

Welcome, Claire. Thank you so much for joining today. Why did you want to become a surrogate?

Claire: I feel like I’ve always kind of entertained the thought about becoming a surrogate. It was something that has always been on my mind and not until recently was it something I actually really looked into.

But I’ve always enjoyed the idea of helping another couple or another person become a family and or add to their family and. Just recently I looked into becoming a surrogate, and I feel like it was the perfect timing, the perfect way to get started with everything that’s going on in my personal life.

And so that’s how I had the idea and that’s how I got started.

Haley: I think it’s kind of leaning on your heart and then you just saw this opportunity in your life where you’re like, wow this feels like a good time to kind of dive in. I, absolutely. That’s so much. And your little one is about a year old.

Claire: About a little over a year.

Haley: So, you must have some maternity clothing laying around?

Claire: Yes, I do. I do.

Haley: Awesome. That is going to come in handy. How are you planning to share this with the world, with your kid?

Claire: We’re all just super excited about the entire process I just matched recently and so it’s been a topic of conversation in the household pretty much on the daily. Like we’re so excited about having intended parents now and, continuing on in the journey.

But I really just envision my wife and my child just really being a part of every step of the way. My son’s only a year, so he doesn’t really know what’s going on, but you know, just being able to explain when he gets older, what’s going on, what we did how, we helped another couple have a family, how amazing it’s going to be.

Haley: Awesome. What an amazing world that we live in, being able to grow families the way that we do. And you said you have a son and just the way he was brought into the world and the help that you and your wife had to bring him into the world — he’s going to have this awesome story of his moms and how they went on this adventure for him and then how you went on this adventure to help someone do the same thing.

So, what are you looking forward to the most?

Claire: I’m just really excited to get to know my intended fathers more, like being able to meet them in person. Like we’ve already zoomed a couple of times throughout the match process and every time I see them, I’m just so thrilled that they’re my intended fathers and I’m going to be their surrogate.

Haley: I’ve seen yes, them we’re so excited for your match. They are adorable. All behind the scenes here at Fairfax, our whole team is just like, “Yes!” So, this match is so exciting.

How was your experience choosing an agency? How has that been? Has it been pretty easy?

Claire: Yeah, I’d say it’s been relatively easy. Of course, it’s always better when you can interact with people in person, but now we’re in a new world with our zooms and our remote and our virtual, and so it’s been really great just being able to have somebody like Susan that is so hands-on and supportive and just available to answer questions.

And so, I’ve had a great experience so far with her and with everybody that I’ve interacted with at the agency, and it’s just really made me feel more comfortable, but also that I’m making the right choice. It has solidified everything for me in terms of choosing an agency and going on this journey.

Haley: I’m so grateful to hear that’s been your experience so far.

I’m so excited for your journey, for your match. I can’t wait to talk about your match cause I’m so excited for you all.

What was the most important to you in researching agencies to work with?

Claire: I was more the person that was just looking for the right fit. So in my research, I just wanted to find an agency that was going to be super supportive, that was available to answer any questions that I had.

And once I got connected to Fairfax Surrogacy, I really felt like this was the agency for me because everybody that I’ve talked to and everybody that has contacted me has just been so welcoming and so supportive, and that’s really what I’m looking for out of this entire experience is to know that I have people behind me that have my back, and that are willing to make everything work the way it’s supposed to.

I initially just started by checking out the website, looking at all the information, reading it as much as I could that was available so I had a better understanding of what was to come.

And then I reached out to our program manager, Susan, and she followed up immediately with a phone call and just being able to connect with somebody, hear their voice, have them be so reassuring and so open about answering all of my questions. That really was the thing that put Fairfax surrogacy like to the forefront of everything.

I was like, okay, there’s an agency and they are doing all of this and helping people become families, but the people that work there really do care about what is going on.

Haley: We connect with you on a personal level.

Claire: Becoming a surrogate was something that I had always kind of played with the idea in the back of my mind, but then talking to Susan, reading more about what the agency does, everything just kind of fell into place, and so just having that personal contact and having all of that support.

Susan and I, after our phone call, we jumped on a zoom too, so I could talk to her a little bit more and she could answer some more of my questions. And really after that I was like, okay, yes, this is it.

Haley: What advice would you give to anyone considering surrogacy?

Claire: I would tell them just to ask all your questions right away as soon as you are starting in the process. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the agency, with the process. If you have questions, just ask.

Haley: Great advice. And I always say that – ask your questions!

I really appreciate you just sharing your personal experience.

Let’s jump into the more exciting part choosing your intended parents. You’ve recently been matched.

Claire: I’m going to be heading to my medical screening in a couple of weeks, so yeah.

Haley: That is so exciting.

What was most important to you when matching with your intended parents?

Claire: I was really open to working with anyone, so I wanted to not put too many boundaries in place.

I didn’t want to already have an idea of who I wanted to match with. I wanted to be open-minded about things and so I was willing to look at as many profiles as it took. And what I was really looking for within those profiles was just having that connection with somebody.

Really thinking about the things that we value, the goals that we have in life, the way that we move through life. And I was really looking for somebody that matched that. And when I got the last profile, the third profile of my intended fathers, as soon as I opened it and started reading through it, I was like, yes, this is what I’ve been looking for.

I felt that connection immediately.

Haley: That’s really the most important thing is that you have a connection with who you’re gonna go on this journey. I say the same thing all the time. And I love that you said that.

How did you know they were the ones? You just felt that connection?

Claire: Yeah, I felt that connection. It was a gut feeling just looking through their pictures and what they wrote about.

I was like, okay, yes, this is exactly, I couldn’t put it into words before, but once I read it and I felt connected to them and I had no doubt in my mind. I was like, this is it. These are my intended fathers.

Haley: Did you feel the connection through their profile and then when you met them through your match meeting, did you feel even more of a connection? And how did you, and your wife make your decision?

Claire: Once we read the profile, we were both on the same page. Like, yes, they seem really, like they’d be a great fit for us. Let’s see how it goes with the match meeting.

And then we could tell instantly as soon as we got on the Zoom with them, and we were talking back and forth and they were excited to talk with us. We kind of just, had a little glance during the meeting, but afterwards we, we were like, yes. This is it. And so, we didn’t even have to have a full in-depth conversation.

We both just felt drawn to them immediately and we felt like this was the right choice for both of us is moving forward with these intended fathers.

Haley: I love that so much.

What if you have any advice, would you be for anyone you know before this match meeting happens?

Would you say, did you have nerves prior? If you did, how did you overcome them? Because I’ll tell you before mine, I was so excited and nervous.

Claire: I was the exact same way before our meeting. I was like, sweating. I was like, why am I so nervous? We’re just meeting over Zoom and to talk. Why am I having such a reaction?

So, I would say like, biggest piece of advice, just take a breath, really be present in the moment. Have your questions prepared, if you want to talk to them about that.

And really just feel it out and see how your connection is and, go from there. Just make sure that you are, as involved as you want to be, that you’re talking, that you’re asking questions, that they really get to know you as well, because you want to make sure that you’re making you know, the right connection and that you want to move forward.

Haley: Right. That is great advice. I would say the same thing.

Claire, thank you so much for answering all these questions.  I cannot say more how excited for you that I am. And our whole Fairfax team is just rooting for you and your match. And this to just be a perfect, wonderful journey for you guys. And thank you so much for being here and for sharing so vulnerably and candidly with me.

Claire: Thank you so much, Haley. I can’t wait. I’m so excited to continue with the process and I love that everybody at Fairfax has my back and they’re so supportive and I can be more thrilled.

Haley: We totally do. Absolutely. I’m so excited for you for your next steps and thank you so much.

Claire: Yes, thank you.

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