Can I Be a Surrogate if I’m a Single Mom?

Once you’ve realized that being a gestational surrogate is something you want to do, you might be asking yourself a lot of questions. Do I meet all of the requirements? Am I emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared? Do I have enough support to be a surrogate? One specific question that might be weighing heavy on your mind is, “Can I be a surrogate if I’m single?”

The short answer? Yes!

The long answer? Read on and find out.

To learn more about becoming a gestational surrogate, you can fill out our online application anytime. We’re also available to help answer any questions you might have about the process. For now, let’s dive into what you can do to become a gestational surrogate if you’re single.

Can I Become a Gestational Surrogate If I’m Single?

Yes, absolutely! Being single does not automatically disqualify you from becoming a gestational surrogate. In fact, many surrogates are single women who have a strong desire to help others start or grow their families.

What’s most important is that you meet the qualifications set by the surrogacy agency or fertility clinic you work with. These qualifications typically include being in good physical and mental health, having a healthy BMI, having given birth to at least one child, and being a non-smoker – much of what you’d expect.

Being single as a gestational surrogate can be a lot like any other surrogacy journey. One difference is that becoming a gestational surrogate when you are single requires a bit more organization and planning. With that in mind, here are some things you should know if you’re considering pursuing surrogacy as a single person.

Establishing a Support System When You’re Single

Surrogacy is a long and demanding process, both physically and emotionally. It’s important that you have a strong support in place to help you as you go through your journey. Often, the main source of support for a gestational surrogate is their partner. However, if you’re single, your primary source of support may come from your family members, close friends, or other loved ones. Identifying who is part of your support network is one of the best first steps you can take in becoming a gestational surrogate as a single person.

Why have a support system as a gestational surrogate?

The bottom line is that it’s not easy being a surrogate. You can expect to face many challenges and hurdles, and the surrogacy process itself is highly taxing, both on the body and the mind. This is why it’s so important for gestational surrogates to have a strong support system in place. Having people there for you to help you and for you to depend on can help get you through your journey.

Depending on Your Support System

Having a solid support system when you are single is vital because you may need to rely on the people in your support system to navigate the surrogacy journey. As a single person, you have to keep certain things in mind:

  • Who will take care of my children while I am at an appointment?
  • Who is going to help me take care of my children when I am recovering from delivery?
  • Who will come to my appointments with me to support me?
  • Who will help get me to and from my appointments if I can’t drive myself?

These are all important considerations if you are single and want to become a gestational surrogate. Your support system needs to be dependable enough for you to rely on throughout your entire journey. From watching your children while you’re at the fertility clinic to driving you home from the hospital after you deliver, it’s crucial that you always have someone there for you.

Why Should I Use a Surrogacy Agency if I’m Single?

If you’re considering becoming a single gestational surrogate, working with a surrogacy agency can offer many benefits. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Better matches with intended parents: By working with a surrogacy agency, you’ll have access to a larger pool of intended parents who are looking for a surrogate. That includes intended parents who are not opposed to their gestational surrogate being single.
  • Access to legal assistance: Surrogacy contracts can be complex, and the laws for becoming a gestational surrogate when you’re single can vary. By working with a surrogacy agency, you’ll have access to legal assistance to make sure that everything is done right.
  • Peace of mind: Working with an agency can provide a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that you have professionals on your side with your best interests in mind and experience working with single gestational surrogates. This can make the entire surrogacy journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Fairfax Surrogacy Is Here for You

Overall, being a gestational surrogate is a big commitment, and it’s important to carefully consider all the aspects of the process before deciding to move forward. This is especially true if you’re considering becoming a gestational surrogate as a single person. However, being single shouldn’t be a barrier to your dream of helping others start a family through surrogacy.

If you’re thinking about becoming a gestational surrogate, contact us at Fairfax Surrogacy anytime. We can help answer any questions you may have about being a gestational surrogate, including how to prepare yourself and what to expect as you start your journey.