3 Creative Ways to Tell Your Intended Parents the Big News 

As a gestational surrogate, there are so many exciting moments in the surrogacy journey. From meeting the intended parents for the first time to delivering their little bundle of joy, each step in the process reserves a special place in your heart. One of the most highly anticipated moments you will experience as a gestational surrogate is when you find out you’re pregnant – and when you tell your intended parents! 

Telling your intended parents that you are pregnant will be one of the most memorable moments in your surrogacy journey. The looks on their faces when they find out is sure to be unforgettable for both them and you. To make the moment even more special, consider telling your intended parents in a fun and unique way.  

An important note: In modern times, everything moves fast, including surrogacy. There is often not enough time to tell your intended parents the news before the clinic spills it to them. That means you likely only have a few hours to deliver the message creatively. So, be mindful of these time crunches and prepare early on to make the moment special!  

Need help with how to deliver the message? Here are 3 sweet and inspiring ways you can give the exciting news to your intended parents to get your creative juices flowing.  

Idea #1: Give the big news as a gift 

Nothing says “memorable” like a thoughtful, considerate (especially homemade!) gift. Consider delivering the big news by concealing it in a gift you give to your intended parents: 

  • Wrap up a positive pregnancy test or your pregnancy results from the surrogacy clinic and hide it in a baby onesie or other baby item, like a baby blanket or shoes. Be sure to buy these items ahead of time so you can deliver them to your intended parents fast enough!  
  • Send your intended parents a text message or email with an e-card, such as a $5 gift card for a coffee on you, then add in the message or on the gift card that you’re pregnant. This is great if you live further away from your intended parents! Plus, it’s super fast – you may beat the clinic in delivering the message.

If you’d rather the actual pregnancy results themselves be the gift (let’s be honest, the pregnancy will overshadow any other gift you give them!), consider delivering the news with one of these sweet gifts: 

  • Personalize a picture frame and add a copy of your test results inside. Be sure to do this ahead of time so you can deliver it to the intended parents in time. 
  • Text or email a picture of something “baby-themed” to the intended parents (think: baby carrots, buns from the oven, Prego pasta sauce, etc.), wait for their confused response, then send a picture of your test results!  
  • Create a shadow box (check out these instructions on how to DIY it!) and add a bunch of meaningful pregnancy items, starting with your test results. The intended parents can fill the box with more items they receive throughout their surrogacy journey.

Idea #2: Capture delivering the news in a photoshoot 

One of the best parts of telling your intended parents that you’re pregnant is seeing the excitement and joy on their faces. Consider capturing those moments in a photoshoot. One way you could do this is by convincing your intended parents to join you in a before and after surrogacy photoshoot. Tell them you’d like to take pictures together to represent the beginning of the surrogacy journey, then additional photos down the road. During the photoshoot, you can deliver the news (maybe hand them a copy of your pregnancy results or ultrasound) and watch as the photographer snaps a picture of all the emotions unfolding!  

This idea would require a lot of good timing, so be sure to remain aware of the intended parents finding out about your test results from the clinic before you have time to set up a photoshoot. You may even have the opportunity to reach out to your clinic to let them know of your plan, and they can call your intended parents at the perfect time during the photoshoot!  

Idea #3: Casually embellish the news on a T-shirt 

Sometimes, less is more – you could also consider a more subtle approach in telling your intended parents that you are pregnant. We’ve all seen this idea on kids before where an unsuspecting person notices a child’s shirt that reads, “I’m going to be a big brother/sister!”  

For your intended parents, consider donning a T-shirt that alludes to your pregnancy, possibly even including your due date. To make it extra exciting, wear a sweater or jacket when you initially approach them, then remove it for the ultimate reveal. If you cannot see your intended parents in time or you live far away from them, consider texting or emailing them a selfie!  

Ultimately, no matter how you deliver the news, your intended parents will be eternally grateful for everything you’ve sacrificed. Finding out you are pregnant is a critical step in their surrogacy journey. Delivering the news is also a great way to help strengthen the bond between you and your intended parents. All in all, your intended parents will be overjoyed to hear the news they have been anticipating hearing for so long. 

Let us Help You with Your Surrogacy Journey 

Now that you know three creative ways to tell your intended parents the big news, it’s time to start planning! Remember, this is a special moment for both you and your intended parents. Take the time to plan something that’s meaningful to you and them. And if you need help or guidance along the way, the team at Fairfax Surrogacy is here for you. Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you in every step of your surrogacy journey. Contact us today for more information and support as you embark on this beautiful and rewarding journey of becoming a gestational surrogate.