Surrogacy Options for LGBTQIA+ Families

Surrogacy options for LGBTQIA+ families

A family is a family. And a family with a child is extra special. Everyone who wants to bring a child into their family should be able to – regardless of gender, expression, sexual orientation, or gender identity. You are in the driver’s seat to make the decisions that are best for your new family, and these days just about anything is possible, no matter who you are.

As a same-sex couple, the journey to parenthood is a unique path, and having respectful expert guidance along the way will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

What is surrogacy?

Before we get too far into the details, let’s discuss surrogacy and how it can help gay couples. Gestational surrogacy is when a woman carries and delivers a baby, who is not genetically related to her, for someone else. That means you can have a child who is biologically related to you, if you like, carried and delivered by a trusted woman. Gay couples have relied on surrogacy for decades, and all kinds of fertility options are available to bring a new family member into your life through surrogacy.

An array of choices

As an LGBTQIA+ couple, you have many options for your pathway to parenthood with surrogacy. Although it is nice to have lots of choices, prepare yourself that many of these conversations between you and your partner will be rather serious and personal.

Once you have decided to pursue surrogacy, you and your partner will need to decide if one of you should be biologically related to the child and, if so, which of you? Perhaps you have discussed this and have come to an agreement long before you are reading this, which is terrific. Of course, if you prefer that neither of you is biologically related to the child, that is an option as well. Remember, you get to make the calls here. If you haven’t already decided or don’t know where to begin, we recommend that both of you do some basic medical tests to assess your individual reproductive health. 

For individuals assigned male at birth, this involves a semen analysis for the condition of your sperm and an infectious disease test for things like HIV and hepatitis. 

For individuals assigned female at birth, the process involves blood tests to determine your hormone levels, including your FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and AMH (anti-mullerian hormone). These hormone levels will give you a good idea of your ovulation regularity, egg supply, and egg quality.

Once you determine whose sperm or eggs will be used, we can inform you about your choices for donor eggs or donor sperm. We can also talk to you about special ways to connect both partners through the surrogacy process, including superfecundation (using two donor eggs with different sperm) or reciprocal in-vitro fertilization (one partner undergoes IVF, and the other carries the pregnancy).

Regardless of biology, both of you will be the intended parents who will love and guide your child.

Surrogacy requirements

Although you have a lot of choices in the surrogacy process, there are laws and logistics that must be addressed along the way. 

In the United States, no federal surrogacy laws exist, which means that each state develops its own laws, guidelines, and restrictions. Depending on the jurisdiction in which your child is born, LGBTQIA+ couples may need to go through additional legal processes to officially recognize both of you as the parents. An experienced surrogacy legal team can advise you in identifying and navigating any legal issues that may apply in your state.

Medical insurance may or may not cover a portion of the costs associated with surrogacy. You will want to check with your insurance provider, and we will work with you to review your coverage and expand it, if necessary. Comprehensive medical insurance is important for surrogacy: We don’t want you or your surrogate to have to take any unnecessary financial or medical risks.

Financial transparency takes a lot of mystery and stress away. We will inform you up front about the costs and fees. We also will prepare you for what the overall financial picture will look like through the process. We offer all-inclusive pricing to give you peace of mind.

Surrogacy makes for beautiful LGBTQIA+ families, and we can’t wait to help you build your family.

Ready to begin your journey?

Taking the first steps towards creating your dream family through surrogacy is a momentous decision. With Fairfax Surrogacy’s support, this journey is filled with anticipation, hope, and love. If you’re ready to start or just looking to explore your options, contact Fairfax Surrogacy today to pave the way for your beautiful LGBTQIA+ family.