Financing Your Surrogacy Journey


Surrogacy can be expensive, but you do have various options to explore in making it attainable. For example, working with a gestational carrier can range from $100,000 to $150,000 in the U.S. While you may not have that readily available in your checking account, we want to walk you through ways to help you finance your family-building efforts. There are several possibilities that you and your partner can consider deciding what works for you best.

Surrogacy Loans

There are, of course, traditional routes such as equity loans and credit cards. In addition, however, there are financial companies that specifically cater to fertility treatment. Below are some suggestions to consider:

  • Fertility Financing. Some lenders provide loans and repayment plans for couples facing fertility barriers. Some of these programs may be linked to a surrogacy agency or consult with a financial advisor to explore your options.
  • Agency Recommendations. Some surrogacy agencies can, like Fairfax Surrogacy, can provide you a list of companies that can help with financing.
  • Home Equity Loans. Depending on your credit score and history, you may be able to borrow money using your home as collateral.
  • Retirement Accounts. Should you have a retirement account, you may be able to borrow from it. It would be best if you spoke to a financial advisor, but you may be able to withdraw up to half of your pension. However, it’s important to note that the funds must be paid back within a certain timescale.
  • Credit Cards. You may be able to arrange some payments with a credit card. However, it is essential to stay on top of monthly repayments to prevent interest from racking up.

Saving for Surrogacy

If you know you’re going to pursue working with a gestational carrier, the further ahead you can plan and save, the better. Below are a few tips to help you save for your surrogacy journey:

  • Research Insurance Options. Investigate the medical costs that potentially might be covered by your insurance. 
  • Choose the Right Agency. It’s important to do your homework on which surrogacy agency is right for you. Ask them about potential added costs for your journey and the protections they have in place that can limit your liability. Also, look at their history, ask essential questions about what you feel you need along this path to parenthood, and explore your options!
  • Open A Savings Account. Create a dedicated savings account so you can build repayments into your monthly budget, as you would for college, a new home, or a vacation.
  • Connect With Others. Sometimes, the best people to speak to are others who have gone through the surrogacy journey on how they afforded it.

There are several ways you can finance your dreams of parenthood. You can discover a program that works for you and your future family with thorough research and planning.

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