Fairfax Surrogacy Attended ASRM Scientific Congress 2022: Here’s Why It Matters

Recently, Fairfax Surrogacy attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress 2022. The event was held in Anaheim, California, between October 22 and October 26 and featured the industry’s top experts in reproductive medicine.

It is an incredible conference, and it gives us the opportunity to meet others who are making an impact in building families, learn new and novel advances in reproductive medicine, as well as join together with all of the Fairfax Family companies. It’s not just about being there in an expo hall. There’s so much more to ASRM than just a conference.

The ASRM is a professional organization that provides useful guidance to expert and professional communities. They also partner with organizations, including RESOLVE, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Alliance for Fertility Preservation, in order to advocate for effective policies that promote social and political change. Essentially, they are an organization made up of medical experts and medical professionals who focus on improving reproductive medicine, so more people can have access to the resources they need to expand their families.

The ASRM Scientific Congress 2022 provided the opportunity to learn about reproductive medicine and network with other agencies from some of the most innovative minds in medicine. By attending the conference, the Fairfax Family has become inspired to provide even better, more innovative services and care to those seeking to grow their families. Overall, this was a great opportunity for Fairfax Surrogacy to learn more about new research, technologies, and scientific discoveries.

ASRM 2022 involved more than just a discussion about reproductive medicine and health. The event also featured important conversations about the latest in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, as well as genetics, male reproduction, access to care, mental health, practice management, and more!

Fairfax Surrogacy also had the opportunity to be introduced to others as the newest addition to the Fairfax family of companies, making their service offerings a more comprehensive one-stop shop for those trying to reach their family-building goals. This event also allowed us to connect with other professionals we knew and share our unique program pre-screening process, fixed pricing option, and short matching timeframe standards to all of those who attended the event, including those known and not known to the Fairfax family.

Learn more about ASRM here.