Top 4 Reasons to Consider Texas as your Surrogacy Destination

Sharna Caceres

With controversial laws drawing negative attention to the Lone Star State, potential Intended Parents are wondering “Why are some Intended Parents so insistent on matching with Texas surrogates?” As a native Texan who provided concierge legal service to Intended Parents worldwide for over a decade, here are my top four reasons why Intended Parents want babies born with boots in the friendly state.



  1. Texas has favorable surrogacy laws with a streamlined legal process. With a reputation as some of the most preferred laws for surrogacy in the nation, many international parents specifically seek out Texas surrogates. LGBT family building laws in Texas are often a haven for international parents—especially Europeans. As an aside…within Texas, San Antonio is known for processing more adoptions for same-sex parents than anywhere in the nation.


  1. Texas has the best medical care options in the world. The Houston medical center is the world’s largest medical center serving 10 million visiting patients ANNUALLY and in which a baby is born every 20 minutes. With over 106,000 supporting employees, patients have access to the world’s best medical specialists who speak many languages—in 2015, over 145 languages were documented as spoken in Houston alone.


In Texas, there are 22 Level IV NICUs and 69 Level II NICUs. To put that in perspective, there are 13 Level NICUs in New York state.


  1. Texans are a diverse bunch that host the best amenities for post-partum care.Of our large cities, Dallas-Forth Worth megaplex holds over 6 million residents, the Houston metro over 7.1 million residents, and in San Antonio and Austin corridor over 4.5 million residents. We are the second most diverse state in the nation and…


Shopping needs for your baby’s arrival? 12,834 shopping centers for any and all your baby’s needs. San Antonio is a popular shopping destination for Mexican visitors and Houston is a shopping destination favorite of Latin American and Middle Eastern visitors.  


Texas may have a reputation for barbeque, TexMex, and southern cuisine, but with people of color driving 95 percent of Texas’ baby boom, we have a diverse and eclectic array of restaurants for dining and delivery during your stay.


  1. Texas is an easy place to travel in and out of. Our network of airports is ready to get you to your destination quickly. Amongst our federal passport centers, two offer same/next day service. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex airport is the busiestin the world. With 12 international airports in Texas, we hope to make your journey home with your baby as comfortable and quick as possible.


Written by Sharna Caceres, Caceres Law Firm


Sharna is an attorney practicing artificial reproduction technology in Texas.  A former owner of a gestational surrogacy agency, Sharna understands the surrogacy process like the back of her hand. She helps singles and couples navigate the process of surrogacy to find the birth process of their dreams.   Sharna provides counsel on strategies for building families and helps clients navigate the required legal processes.  She can be reached at 210-560-0946.