Understanding and Compassion. Our agency was created with you in mind. We have years of experience working with other surrogacy agencies, giving us the knowledge and understanding needed to help you and support you throughout every step of the surrogacy process. Our experience has allowed us to curate a process that is supportive, transparent, efficient, and inclusive.

Our Innovative Pre-Screening Process. What separates us from other agencies is that we have a comprehensive and high-quality screening process that allows us to create strong matches between surrogates and intended parents more effectively. We offer a pre-screening process that is unlike any other agency, as our process includes elements that most other agencies leave out. This ensures that you will select someone who has already been thoroughly vetted and approved by our heightened quality standards. Our pre-screening process includes a thorough background check with the potential surrogate and her partner, followed by an interview and a comprehensive medical record review. It also includes a full health insurance and life insurance review and policy placement, a psychological assessment, and a full pre-pregnancy lab testing panel.

Financial Transparency. We realize that being able to pay for surrogacy is a hardship many families face. We want to make it easier for you by offering our services all inclusively at a fixed rate. This means that we handle all of the costs related to insurance, attorney fees, counselor, and escrow services. We also stay up to date on all balance statements to ensure that all participants are being compensated as agreed upon in a timely manner – all at no additional cost to you.