Fairfax Surrogacy stands out as a trusted choice for surrogacy due to our unwavering commitment to education, support, credibility, transparency, diversity, and compassion. We cater to all aspiring parents and surrogates, ensuring a high standard of integrity throughout the surrogacy journey. Our extensive screening process before matching, combined with safeguards to protect and honor all parties involved, demonstrates our dedication to creating successful and ethical surrogacy experiences. Whether you’re an intended parent dreaming of growing your family or someone interested in the rewarding journey of becoming a surrogate, Fairfax Surrogacy is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

At Fairfax Surrogacy, we believe in building dreams, creating lasting relationships, and making the dream of parenthood a reality. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the support and resources needed to navigate the surrogacy process successfully, making us a trusted partner in your family-building journey.