Coverage for surrogacy varies significantly depending on your health insurance plan and your location. Some insurance plans may cover certain medical procedures related to surrogacy, including in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, while others may not offer any coverage related to surrogacy. It’s crucial to thoroughly review your insurance policy and have a detailed discussion with your insurance provider about your surrogacy plans to clearly understand what aspects of the process are covered.

A growing number of companies are beginning to offer benefits specifically designed for LGBTQIA+ families, which can include surrogacy-related expenses. These benefits are part of a broader trend toward more inclusive health coverage that recognizes the diverse needs of all families. If you are considering surrogacy, it may be beneficial to explore whether your employer offers any specific benefits or coverage for surrogacy as part of their commitment to supporting LGBTQIA+ families. This additional support can significantly alleviate the financial burden of the surrogacy process.