Surrogacy Payments and Reimbursements and Benefits, Oh My!

Surrogacy Payments, Reimbursements, and Benefits

So, let’s say that you have come through the application process and completed initial screenings. It is starting to look like you could become a surrogate with Fairfax Surrogacy.

How will the money and payment part work, exactly? Let’s walk you through how Fairfax Surrogacy pays our surrogates.

Upfront, we want to be clear that we are outlining our process here for your general information only. As every surrogacy and every surrogate are unique, there may be slight differences in the exact order of things or your agreement with the intended parents. We always recommend that you, as the surrogate consult a lawyer and a tax expert so that you will be aware of any local laws or tax situations that may apply to you with regard to your compensation. 

We pride ourselves on transparency, and that is why we share our compensation and are clear about how payment works from the beginning. 

Adding it all up

We’ll start with what we call Base Compensation. These are set payments that every surrogate will receive along the journey. The main amount of Base Compensation is paid monthly once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

At Fairfax Surrogacy, a first-time surrogate is paid $45,000. If your surrogate pregnancy is a multiples pregnancy, you will be paid $5,000 more. If you are a repeat surrogate, you will receive an additional $5,000. The embryo transfer entitles you to a payment of $1,000, and you receive $750 to purchase maternity clothing for the pregnancy. 

All surrogates will receive a one-time payment of $3,250 to cover many of the miscellaneous personal expenses you will incur as a surrogate. Those funds are for travel to and from your local doctor appointments, childcare for when you are gone at those appointments, phone charges, and notary charges. The personal expenses category also includes personal care such as vitamins and supplements, as well as massages, manicures, and pedicures. 

Factoring in all the possibilities

As we talked about above, although many steps in the surrogacy journey are the same for everyone, there are other variables involved in the partnership between the surrogate and the intended parents. Some of the variables are logistical, such as distance to travel, and others are medical, depending on how the pregnancy unfolds.

This is where Variable Additional Compensation comes in – and it is just that: variable, depending on what happens. We aren’t able to list exact amounts here because there are too many factors involved. 

We want to be clear, though: Our goal is to cover any and all costs associated with your surrogacy journey. When things might change or new situations may come up, we will be there by your side to guide you with professional help, with expenses taken care of.

You can be a surrogate with Fairfax Surrogacy, no matter where you live in the United States (in a surrogacy-friendly state). Any travel costs you incur getting to the fertility clinic for evaluation and embryo transfer will be covered. You will be reimbursed for mileage if you are close enough to drive, and your airfare and accommodations will be covered if you live farther away. You will be able to bring your partner or support person with you for the embryo transfer, and that person’s travel expenses are also included.

Should the travel or medical procedures require you to take time off work, you will be reimbursed for lost wages, as will your partner, should that be the case.

The pregnancy itself may require additional precautions or medical interventions that may affect you in some way. If your doctor orders bed rest, for example, Fairfax Surrogacy will pay for housekeeping, childcare and, again, any lost wages during that time. Medical tests and procedures also would be paid for, and in the rare instance that there might be organ loss, that would be compensated, as well.

All of these types of Additional Compensation would come in the form of payment, either direct deposit to your bank account or in checks to you.

Insurance benefits and optional coverage

As an early part of the surrogacy process, we will review your medical insurance to determine which, if any, aspects of the surrogacy are covered. At that time, we will expand or change your health insurance accordingly at our expense. We also will provide you with a term life insurance policy and short-term disability insurance.

Lastly, as we recognize that surrogacy is a major life event for you, we offer the option of counseling services for you at no charge to you.

Money and math overload?

We have thrown a lot of numbers at you and tried our best to pose some scenarios that surrogates face. What’s most important here, though, is that you know upfront that your health and well-being as a surrogate is our high priority. If you have to worry about money and finances, that won’t let you be at your best. We are here to answer your questions and help you throughout the process, so don’t hesitate to connect with us. We’re in this together.