Reflections on the Past Year and Resolutions for the Next Year

2022 was a year of opportunities for many people. In 2021, people and businesses alike were still being burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants were still closed, faces were still covered with masks, and social distancing was still the norm. However, at the turn of the new year, cases began to decline, and businesses started opening up their doors again.


A lot of life returned to normal in 2022. Unfortunately, for many, that normalcy accompanied continued struggles with infertility. Nevertheless, as previously said, 2022 was a year of opportunities. As restrictions from the pandemic were lifted, opportunities for individuals, families, and agencies to begin working on goals that were set aside for after the pandemic could be resumed. That includes working on family-building goals.


Now is the time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in this past year. It doesn’t have to be much – even if you didn’t do anything at all in 2022, you at least survived. You persisted. You accomplished getting through this year. Reflect on how your family-building goals have changed or evolved since the beginning of the year. Reflect on what your next steps are for the new year to reach that goal of having the family that you always dreamed of.


Everyone is at a different stage in their journeys. In fact, some haven’t even begun their journeys yet! Whenever you are ready to start working toward your family-building resolution is up to you, but the start of a new year is a great time for a fresh start. Plus, your resolution to start or continue surrogacy, whether as an intended parent or a surrogate, may not only help you reach your family-building goals – it may even help someone else reach their own family-building goals as well.


If you’re an intended parent, maybe your goal for 2023 is to contact a surrogacy agency. Maybe it’s to finally decide that surrogacy is right for you. Maybe your only goal for 2023 is to take that first step. If that’s the case, know that that’s okay. That first step is hard to take because, once you do, there’s not much room for turning back.


If you’re a gestational surrogate, maybe your goal for 2023 is to match with the perfect set of intended parents or parent. Maybe your goal is to become a surrogate for the first time, or maybe it’s to deliver your second, third, or even fourth baby. Maybe your goal is more introspective; maybe, this time, you’re focused on self-improvement, such as by giving yourself more self-love and engaging in more self-care so that you can have a better surrogacy experience this time around. These are all great goals to have for 2023.


No matter what stage you are in your surrogacy journey, whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate (or you’re setting a goal to become one!), we at Fairfax Surrogacy support you. We want you to reach your goals, no matter how big or small they seem to you.


We encourage you to reach out to us to talk about what your goals are. Let us know what we can do to help you reach those goals.