It’s Double the Dads: Fairfax Surrogacy Attends Men Having Babies Conference 2022

Men Having Babies is an annual conference that is part of the East Coast Surrogacy Conference & Gay Parenting Expo, which is held in New York City every year. Fairfax Surrogacy participated in this year’s Men Having Babies Conference as part of a comprehensive effort to provide education and guidance and help individuals access resources to grow their families. Many men in same-sex relationships struggle to grow their families due to prejudice and discrimination, as well as due to other unfortunate social disparities. Additionally, men in same-sex relationships tend to have fewer options available to them to grow their families, often having to rely exclusively on gestational surrogacy.


We support Men Having Babies and the diverse, inclusive, and unique education they provide to people in same-sex relationships looking to expand their families. Men Having Babies is an international non-profit organization that offers both education and financial support for the LGTBQ+ community. Hosting more than 2,000 attendees around the world at their conferences, workshops, and webinars, the insightful education and guidance Men Having Babies provides helps thousands in same-sex relationships reach their family-building goals worldwide. In addition to providing education on how to access reproductive services, Men Having Babies’ Gay Parenting Assistance Program also allocates more than one million dollars’ worth of financial resources and free resources to same-sex couples every year.


Some of the main topics covered in this year’s conference included understanding how to access benefits from employers, how to budget for surrogacy, and how to interpret the recent changes made in the law regarding abortion care. The event featured a panel of teenage children with gay dads, as well as surrogates who worked with men in same-sex relationships. The conference also focused on the specific role surrogacy plays in the LGBTQ+ community. These resources offered a diverse and objective platform that allowed us, as well as other attendees, to obtain both inspiration and education.


Men Having Babies is a valued reservoir of vital information and helpful resources for same-sex couples looking to pursue their dreams of parenthood. The Men Having Babies 2022 East Coast Surrogacy Conference & Expo exclusively featured more than 50 gay-friendly agencies and clinics, including Fairfax Surrogacy. This year, Fairfax Surrogacy was a proud Gold sponsor. Overall, we are proud to be able to offer our services to families of all backgrounds, as this reflects our goal of making health care more accessible and affordable for all.