Great Gift Ideas for Your Gestational Surrogate

Often, the greatest gift a gestational surrogate can receive is the knowledge that she helped grow or create a loving, happy family. However, intended parents may also want to give their surrogate a little something extra to show their gratitude. Gifts are a great way for intended parents to show how they care or to express their appreciation for their surrogate.

Not sure what to gift your gestational surrogate? Read on below to narrow down the possibilities.

Self-care gifts for surrogates

Part of having a successful pregnancy is engaging in self-care. Your surrogate will appreciate your efforts to pamper her and make her feel relaxed. Consider getting her something that gives her the opportunity to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


  • Gift certificate to a massage therapist (as a bonus for a prenatal massage!)
  • Gift certificate for a mani-pedi (emphasis on the pedi if she’s at the stage of pregnancy where she can’t reach her toes!)
  • Bubble bath or bath bombs
  • Cozy blanket or slippers
  • Soy- or beeswax-based candles

Practical gifts for busy surrogates

It’s no question that gestational surrogates have a lot on their plates. Managing a pregnancy, taking care of children, doctor’s appointments, and possibly even working full-time can be quite demanding on your surrogate. Consider getting them a practical gift that makes their busy life even the slightest bit easier to manage.


  • Housekeeping service
  • Meal delivery service
  • Gift cards to her favorite restaurant or retailer
  • DoorDash or Grub Hub

Gifts for the surrogate’s entire family

Your surrogate has a family, too! Consider gifting something that could be for her whole family, including her partner and even her own children. See if you can gauge her family members’ interests so you can pinpoint the perfect gift that the whole family can enjoy.


  • Gift card for a date night for your surrogate and her partner
  • Family Movie Night Tickets
  • Gift certificate to a local museum or other outing
  • Board games
  • Tickets to a local event or festival

Precious keepsakes for sentimental surrogates

A lot of times, intended parents form close bonds with their surrogates. Consider gifting your surrogate something that captures that bond. Get creative and have fun coming up with ways to memorialize your experiences with your surrogate. Not creative? You can always Pinterest your way to something creative (and meaningful!).


  • A scrapbook of memories or a journal
  • A picture frame or shadow box of your surrogacy journey
  • A hand-written note or thoughtful letter

Jewelry choices for surrogates who love to shine

Depending on your budget, you may consider jewelry as a thoughtful keepsake for your surrogate. Jewelry is a great way to create a lasting physical memory of the incredible and selfless act of surrogacy. You can consider using your child’s birthstone or birthday as a way to personalize the sentiment.


  • Jewelry with child’s birthstone or birthdate
  • Jewelry with personal engraving
  • Jewelry with custom GPS coordinates of the hospital where your baby was delivered
  • Breast milk jewelry (after delivery, of course!)

Heartfelt is best

You can use many potential gift options to express your gratitude and thankfulness. You can even consider bundling some of these gift ideas into a thoughtful gift basket!

Choosing the perfect gift for your gestational surrogate is a heartfelt way to convey your deep appreciation for her incredible journey and commitment. While material gifts are a beautiful gesture, what she will appreciate most is the time and energy you put into making her feel loved. Whether you opt for a self-care package, a practical gift, or something sentimental, the key is to make sure it reflects your genuine gratitude. Remember, the bond formed during this unique journey is unparalleled, and any gesture of thanks will undoubtedly touch her heart. As you embark on this beautiful chapter of parenthood, take a moment to celebrate the wonderful woman who played a pivotal role in bringing your dream to life.